Asserting that consequences of the coronavirus pandemic can be devastating, Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan and legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar on Tuesday requested people to strictly follow social distancing.

A day after Janata Curfew which saw people celebrating on the street Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday appealed to state governments to ensure that rules and regulations of the coronavirus lockdown are enforced as he noted that many people are not taking the measure seriously.

In video uploaded on Twitter, Akshay said he usually addressed his fans affectionately but today he was "angry" with people for coming out on the streets as if the situation was normal.

"Are you in your senses? What has happened? Who doesn't understand the meaning of lockdown? It means stay at home and with your family. Don't go out on the streets to have fun. You are trying to act really brave by going outside but all of this will go waste.

"You'll get yourself and your family into the hospital like this. No one would be left, if you don't take care. Please use your brains, I'm requesting everyone," the actor said.

Akshay said he performs risky stunts in his films but even he is scared of the COVID-19 outbreak.

"This is not a joke. Everyone's worried because of this disease. The whole world is troubled. You all can become heroes of your families, become 'khiladi' of your life. Just stay at home. Till the government asks you to stay at home, follow that, it'll save your and your family's life.

"A war has been waged against coronavirus, we have to defeat it. We don't have a choice. If there was any other war or battle I would have asked all of you to go out and participate," he said.

The "Good Newwz" actor said the only way to win this war is by taking precautions.

"I'll ask you to wash your hands and stay at home. I'll come again to ask you guys, if you have become a 'khiladi' or stupid person."

Hrithik uploaded a video on Twitter and said the world is going through a tough time and coronavirus is a reality that is fast spreading.

"Now we can't look away from the disease, the situation. We have to face it. To stop this, we have to take a few steps, such as, washing your hands with soap after every hour. It's a simple solution to stop this pandemic.

"Secondly, follow social distancing, maintain at least a 6-ft gap with each other. This isn't the time to meet and greet with your family, friends or attend parties. Use phone calls, video calls if you want to stay in touch," he said.

Describing it as "delicate times", the "War" star said the situation can't be allowed to go out of hand.

"If we let this slip, we don't know what will happen. So please, let's be more responsible, let's fight this together, let's look after each other. We are all in it together," he added.

Mangeshkar said everything has a limit and with the entire world grappling with coronavirus, it's beyond her why some people are still defying the lockdown.

"Our Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Maharashtra have been continuously asking you to not leave the house as it is the most effective way to stop coronavirus and yet why is it so difficult for people to understand?

"Is it only the government's responsibility to fight coronavirus? Do we have no obligation? I pray to all of you to support the government, and face the crisis by becoming the protector of the health oof your family, yourself and the society," she tweeted.

Coronavirus cases in the country rose to 519 and the death toll in the country stands at 10 on Tuesday as of now.