Coffs Harbour: Two Indian nationals have drowned off Moonee Beach north of Coffs Harbour on Monday while trying to save three children who got caught in the current. Another person is still missing. 

According to reports, while the deceased have been identified as Ghousuddin (45) and Rahat (35), the missing person is identified as Junaid (28). Three of them hailed from the southern state of Telangana. 

The search operation to locate Junaid is underway. 

Greg Hackfath, who is Coffs Harbour City Council lifeguard coordinator, said that Moonee Beach is unpatrolled and the creek which flows into it has a "strong flowing outgoing tide". 

The Indians were on holiday at Coffs Harbour. “It was like a reunion for them. The families from Sydney and Brisbane had come together to spend holidays together. They had rented a place and were visiting the nearby beach when the tragedy occurred,” said Syed Siraj Patel, of the Indian Muslim Association of Australia (IMAA), according to

While the children, two girls aged 15 and 17 and a 15-year-old boy, were rescued and taken to the hospital, Ghousuddin and Rahat could not be revived.