Know why this robot in South Korea committed suicide

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Civil Servant Robot in South Korea

A shocking incident has come forward from Gumi City Council, South Korea about a civil servant robot which the community is dubbing as first 'robot suicide'. 

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Robot Supervisor

The robot was called 'Robot Supervisor' and was found in a distressed state at the bottom of the staircase of the council building.

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Strange behavior

The onlookers said the robot was showing strange behavior and was "circling in one spot as if something was there," before shutting off completely. 

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The City Council's response

The City Council responded quickly and collected the shattered pieces of the robot for analysis. The Council won;t be replacing their robot colleague anytime soon. 

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Cause of death

The robot was made by Bear Robotics and was employed by the Gumi City Council in 2023. The community is blaming overworking and too much workload for the demise. 

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