Hebrew to Tamil: Top 7 oldest languages in the world

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There are approximately 7,168 languages in the world, and 40% are considered endangered. Language is an essential part of humanity. 

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Oldest languages

While no one can say what was the first language ever spoken, with years of research and modern technology, historians now have a list of some of the oldest. 

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Majorly spoken in Southern India and Sri Lanka, Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world. Tamil literature can be dated back to 2000 years. 

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Written and Classical Chinese are some of the oldest languages with roots dating back to 3000 years. 

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Sanskrit is also called 'Dev Vani' meaning the language of gods. It dates back to 3,500 years in history and is also known as the mother of several modern languages.

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Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian, especially the written hieroglyphs are some of the earliest languages of the human race. Its roots go deep in history, around 3200 BCE. 

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Akkadian is an ancient Semitic language that was spoken in Mesopotamia. It dates back to 2500 BCE and was used in the Epic of Gilgamesh. 

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Ancient Hebrew

The language from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) has been around for thousands of years in spoken and written form. A reformed version of the language is used today. 

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Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek dates back to 3000 years with a diverse history of speakers. A reformed and modern version of the language is still spoken in Greece and Cyprus. 

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