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International Yoga Day 2024: 5 Yoga Poses to Burn Belly Fat Quickly

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International Day of Yoga is observed on June 21st every year.

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Yoga for life

Bollywood celebrities practice yoga regularly to maintain mental and physical fitness. 

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How to lose weight

It’s remarkable how yoga can also help you in your weight loss journey. Let’s take tips from some celebs. 

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Practice Dhanurasana to shed some pounds. Start by lying on your stomach and make a bow shape. Hold your feet with your hands and remain in the position for 30 seconds. 

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Utkatasana, also known as Chair Pose, is another ideal pose for losing belly fat. While doing the pose, inhale and exhale deeply. 

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Bhujangasana, also known as Cobra Pose, helps soothe pain in the back and shoulders. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety. 

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Vrikshasana helps achieve balance and improve posture. Practicing it regularly can help you improve spine health.

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Naukasana, also known as Boat Pose, is a great pose for losing belly fat.

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