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Labrador to Dalmatian: Top 7 dog breeds in India perfect for elders

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Dalmatians are adorable dogs who create strong bonds with their owners and are ideal for companionship and grooming as well. 

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Labrador Retriever

Labs are friendly, highly trainable, and loyal dogs who are perfect pets for families and elders as they are gentle. 

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Pomeranians are fluffy dogs who might be small in stature but have bug personalities. They are easy to train and groom, and they like to stay indoors. 

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Indian Pariah Dog

They are also known as native Indian dogs. They are perfect for Indian households as they are well-adapted to the Indian climate and are extremely intelligent. 

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Dachshunds are adorable dogs who form deep connections with their owners and make great company for seniors. 

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Indian Spitz

Often confused with Pomeranians, these fluffy babies are perfect for seniors as they are gentle, loving, and suitable for indoors. 

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Pugs are known for their cute eyes and smushy faces. They are highly affectionate dogs that don't mind cuddling up with their owners and can be real couch potatoes. 

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