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Make way for the incredible young space scientist, Jainul Abedin

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India's first reusable rocket

Jainul is creating country’s first reusable rocket (a rocket that can be used multiple times). Accomplishing this feat would result in a significant technological advancement.

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Reducing the costs

The current cost of one rocket is approximately Rs 100 crore. With new technology, the cost will reduce to Rs 20 crore.

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Jainul’s inspiration

Jainul, hailing from Kushinagar, was inspired by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Since childhood, he was fascinated with space and stars. 

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Captivating world of science

Jainul read a bunch of books about space in grade 10. He was truly dedicated and ambitious from a very young age. 

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Studying space science

After completing his schooling, Jainul knew what he wanted to pursue further. 

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Enhancing knowledge

During graduation, Jainul enhanced his knowledge in the field of science by studying the technology used in foreign countries.

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A significant change

In 2020, the Central Government granted approval for private sector involvement in space science. The policy change created new opportunities and avenues for many people.

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ISRO's webinar

In 2020, during a webinar organized by ISRO on the topic of ‘Unlocking India’s Potential in Space Sector’ Jainul had the opportunity to share his ideas with the ISRO scientists. 

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Abyom Space Tech and Defence Pvt Lt

At 19, Jainul founded his company ‘Abyom Space Tech and Defence’. ISRO scientists recognized his efforts and dedication to the field of space.

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