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Fat to Fit: Sonakshi Sinha's inspirational weight loss journey

Image credits: Instagram

Motivation to lose weight

Sonakshi Sinha was around 90 kg when she got the lead role opposite Salman Khan in Dabaang. He was the one who motivated her to get into fitness and lose weight. 

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Hourglass figure

Sonakshi followed a rigid diet and exercise plan to achieve her toned hourglass figure. The fashion designer turned actress quit binging on junk food and started working out. 

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Fitness regime

Sonakshi's workout plan consists of cardio, spinning exercise, weight training, tennis, and hot yoga. All these combined have helped her shred the extra kilos. 

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Sonakshi's strict diet

Sinha prefers homemade food such as dal roti, chicken, fish, and veggies for lunch and dinner. She also takes nuts with a cup of green tea for snacks, helping her quit junk food. 

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Sonakshi's weight loss tips

Sonakshi advises not to eat carbs after 6 p.m. and also to drink 2 cups of green tea to flush out toxins. Her plan is simple to follow but requires discipline and dedication. 

Image credits: Instagram
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