Bengaluru: JD(S) leaders in Karnataka are one by one giving statements to the effect of quitting the party. At the moment, it looks like 86-year-old party supremo HD Deve Gowda is the only one fighting for the party.

Among Gowda's confidants, H Vishwanath has turned rebel and was also disqualified by the party after his numerous speeches of being fed up with his party leaders.

Ex-minister GT Devegowda is no exception. Devegowda threatened to quit the party indirectly, whenever Congress leader and former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah's name was brought to the fore. Most importantly, the man who was thought to be leading the state and pillar of JD(S), HD Kumaraswamy himself told that he was mulling quitting politics.

After losing the chief minister's post, Kumaraswamy is keeping away from meetings and state affairs. "I had become chief minister twice, by accident. Please let me live peacefully," he was seen pleading with the media.

The only person still speaking about strengthening the party is octogenarian Gowda, who is also the founder of JD(S) party.

This is what exactly, he might be thinking when their party members including  59-year-old HD Kumaraswamy chanting the 'I quit' mantra: "Kids these days have no stamina"!

Can you imagine former Prime Minister Gowda holding the JD(S) party like how Lord Krishna lifted the mountain with one finger to save his people in Mahabharatha. But how long will Gowda be able to hold it?