The entire country is showering praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah for realising the dream of abrogation of Article 370 and making Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as union territories.

From the beginning, PM Modi and Shah are always clear about their goals and work towards them not minding even if there are any hurdles.

But, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is known to change his statements and not so clear about what his plans are. Sometimes, even though he is clear about the plans, he has faltered in implementing the same.

For example in the case of PM Modi, he had specified that the Kashmir problem will be solved if BJP comes to power. It was also mentioned in the party's election manifesto. And just months after coming back to power, PM Modi has proved himself true to his words and started providing solution to Kashmir problem by initiating the step of abolishing Article 370.

In the case of Shah, he had even directed the Karnataka BJP leaders not to try to destabilise the Congress-JD(S) coalition government. But slowly but steadily, Karnataka government fell and BJP formed the government. It is said that Shah played a crucial role in this development, though behind the curtains.

But in the case of Rahul, he was caught in awkward moments like calling Dr P Venugopal who was in the Chair in the Lok Sabha as ‘Madam Speaker’ and then correcting his mistake with numerous apologies.

When asked about Doklam, he said, "I seriously have no idea." While inaugurating the Indira Canteen in Karnataka, he called it Amma and was trolled badly.

Considering all this, it looks like PM Modi is considered as the one 'Who does what he speaks' with Shah's quick but surprise act of abolishing Article 370 he is the one 'who does even what he doesn't speak of'.

But, at the same time Rahul is at a loss of words and looks like he is not sure what to say or what to do.