The mask has worn out and the so called peaceful protests against the newly amended citizenship law turned violent at Delhi.


Five persons including a constable have lost their lives due to stone pelting, incidents and fire and shooting. While the Opposition is blaming the BJP for the violence, the fact of the matter is what would the party gain by inciting violence especially at a time when its government is hosting US President Donald Trump.


Orchestrated violence: 


The Intelligence reports shared with the Delhi Police clearly suggest that the violence was an orchestrated one. It was timed with the visit of Donald Trump to India. Violence broke out at Delhi on Sunday and Monday. Trump arrived in Delhi on Monday.


Sources in the Delhi Police told MyNation that the violence was orchestrated and was aimed at getting wide publicity at a time when the US President was visiting India. The anti citizenship law protesters would try and instigate violence until the time Trump leaves India. It was purely a stage managed one and we will book the perpetrators at the earliest, the source also said.


Rahul Gandhi should name the perpetrators:


Junior home minister G Kishan Reddy said that Rahul Gandhi and his party must answer questions over Monday’s violence. It is a conspiracy to defame the nation at a time when Trump is on a visit to India, Reddy also said.

The Congress party and Rahul Gandhi should reveal who is behind the violence, which was orchestrated to defame India at a time when Trump is visiting the country. We have brought in the necessary force to control the violence. In India, people have a right to protest peacefully. The government of India did not stop the peaceful protests at Shaheen Bagh, Reddy also said.


Sharukh the shooter:


In the several videos that surfaced, a man in a red t-shirt is seen shooting at the police. He has been identified as Sharukh. Many were quick to state that the man seen shooting the police was actually part of the pro-citizenship law group.


However, the police has made it clear that Sharukh was on the side of the protesters from Jaffrabad and not those backing the law who were from Maujpur. Further, the police were facing the mob from the Jaffrabad side. The shooter emerged from that side, which was protesting against the citizenship law.


The shooter Sharukh tells the police to run or else he would shoot him. The policeman does not move and then the shooter turns back. Further there were also attempts made to state the mob was carrying saffron flags and the shooter was with them. This was fake news circulated by several persons, but in reality what these persons from the Jaffrabad side were carrying were saffron coloured plastic crates, which were being used as a shield.


A clear conspiracy:


Sources say that the violence was planned to coincide with Donald Trump’s visit to India. The stone pelting and violence in fact began a day before Trump could arrive in India. After his arrival, it only intensified.


The officer cited above said that they are probing every angle into these incidents. He also said that this cannot be a mere coincidence. The perpetrators will be brought to book very soon, the officer also said. We are studying the pattern and also the larger conspiracy behind these incidents.


In the incident, head constable Ratan Lal, who in the midst of all the action, lost his life. The constable, a native of Rajasthan was posted in the assistant commissioners office at Gokulpuri. Several other police personnel were also injured. There was a clear attempt to provoke the police personnel, so that the violence intensified.