Bengaluru: The Congress and other opposition parties, which carried a sense of entitlement and dynastic politics, seem to have lost the plot to oppose the ruling Modi led government at Centre, especially after it came to power second time in 2019 with an overwhelming majority. There have been some major changes brought by Centre starting with the dilution of article 370 and the negation of article 35A followed by passing of triple talaq, resolution of Ayodhya Mandir dispute by the supreme court and passing of Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) by both the houses of Parliament. While the Congress and all other opposition parties were caught by surprise, the BJP went ahead with its agenda to fulfil its poll agenda. Instead of opposing the ruling government on developmental issues, the Congress which is fast losing its hold as the principal opposition resorted to raise false propaganda only to keep its traditional vote bank in hand. In the process the protests based on falsehoods is turning out to be taking the country backwards and derail the democracy in India. Terming the dissolution of article 370 as highhandedness of the government and making triple talaq as a punishable crime as anti-Muslim by the Congress and the opposition parties could not get support from the people. While Kashmir remained calm, Muslim women on the whole hailed the Triple Talaq Act. The leaders of the protests are known Congress sycophants, along with communists and opposition that hate the strides India has made under the BJP.

The Congress and other political parties resorted to false propaganda by terming the CAA as anti-Muslims, inciting the minority community to resort to violent protests. They tried to make it sound unconstitutional. They seem to be totally bereft of all moral and political-institutional values and are happy to just play around with the citizens of India, as and when it suits them - mostly for votes. The fact remains that India is still one of the few countries in the world with one of the largest Muslim populations as well as where different Muslims sects can live without any fear of religious persecution. In fact the people of J&K are happy that dynasties ruling over them are finally out of the scene. They did little for their development or well-being but instead built themselves estates in India and abroad from the large amounts of monies sent by the Central Government, to bring about prosperity in the region.

The amount of scaremongering and incitement that the Congress/Communists/ and other opposition parties have done to rile up our Muslim population is not only despicable but scary. It means the ‘break India’ forces will go to any lengths to divide and rule for just naked power - even if it means there will be riots and destruction of millions of rupees worth of civilian and government property. Let us not blame any religious minority or majority for this but one can put  the onus on the blatant use of political clout by the opposition to ignite students of Muslim universities, institutions and some in the media who work with such forces to inflame the youth. This can never be condoned or accepted. It seems like the only thing the opposition parties in India want to do is bring down India and rile up peaceful citizens to go along with them. Why have the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) fizzled out? One obvious reason is this uprising didn't have popular backing of the masses, especially of the non-Muslims. The vast majority couldn't understand why anyone would protest against a humanitarian law which simply paved a fast-track path to citizenship to persecuted religious minorities in Islamic States of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Another factor is that the Muslim mobs, particularly a lot of illiterates, which were mobilised to come out in the streets were bombarded with false propaganda and misinformation. Any movement based on such crazy falsehoods couldn't have sustained for long. Forget supporting this movement against CAA-NRC, it invited huge backlash against itself and thousands of concerned citizens were also forced to hit the streets backing the government.

This certainly is a reason why they can't win anymore and why they are unable to convince the masses in the country about the sincerity of their cause. They say that the bill should include persecuted Muslims from neighbouring countries which follow Islam and have a majority of Muslims. But they don't say that the Muslims in these countries are first class citizens and have the rule of law and courts to take up their cases whereas the minorities are stigmatised and few lawyers can take up their cases as than the lawyers too become tarred as anti-Muslim. To say Muslims are unhappy and discriminated and harassed in their own countries would be like saying these countries are not following the true tenets of Islam and interfering in their politics. How can India do this and why should it? The CAA has been passed democratically by both houses of Parliament. The plight of minorities living in Pakistan was first brought up by PM Nehru, and then onwards by many governments. Finally in 2003 by the Congress under PM Manmohan Singh, who declared that India must take responsibility for its minorities in neighbouring countries but none of the political parties put their concerns into practice and now that the BJP has done it, why are they screaming it is anti- Muslim even though it does not concern Muslim citizens in India at all.

Yet we see riots, protests breaking out in Muslim institutions led by politicians who are openly scare-mongering and inciting hatred against the very land that has been their country not only since 1947 but for hundreds of years before. It seems they will do anything for power. Anything to break up India as they have no stake in this great civilisation. They would rather make us forget our past and break us into several small states. This is their endeavour. They work with India's enemies; they write against India in illustrious newspapers and magazines abroad in order to get world opinion against us. For them India must never become a world power. They would rather bat for China and Pakistan. For such people who call themselves the intelligentsia of India, we should have contempt, for they play with our democratic freedoms to speak against us and destroy us from within. They are worse than our external enemies, for they try and weaken us from inside. All democracies have such people, but it is now time for us to name and shame them for their what they truly are