Bengaluru: The claim by the Delhi Police that the man arrested for firing in the air at the Shaheen Bagh protest site had joined the Aam Admi Party last year has given the entire episode a new twist.
It has been said on several occasions that the protests are completely stage managed by the Opposition and the radicals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too had made it amply clear that Shaheen Bagh was a laboratory for the political groups. 

Former special secretary of the Research and Analysis Wing, Amar Bhushan said that he has no doubt that this is a deep rooted conspiracy. In this interview with MyNation, Bhushan said that one must dig deeper and find out who exactly is organising these meaningless protests at Shaheen Bagh.

Do you smell a political conspiracy in these protests:

It is very obvious that this is nothing, but a political conspiracy. Logistically it is not possible to leave home and sit there for so long, unless there is an incentive. There is big money in it and a larger political conspiracy behind all this.

What kind of message is being conveyed here?

The only message that I see is that these persons who are protesting are opposed to India protecting the persecuted Hindus from Pakistan. The Opposition and several radical groups are using these people to further their political purposes.

Is the Opposition gaining anything out of this?

No, they are gaining nothing. In fact, they stand to lose more as the majority will unite further against them.

What measures should be taken?

Let us see for how long they can sit at Shaheen Bagh. In this cold Delhi weather, a water canon could have dispersed them. But the government is doing the right thing in not reacting and letting them continue with their protests.

Why do you say it is the right thing?

As I said, it is not logistically possible to sit there for so long, unless there is an incentive. Secondly, the government must know who is behind this protest and who is pumping in the money. More importantly, one must know who is behind this protest, which has caused inconvenience to so many common people.

The protesters are demanding that the government talks to them. Your thoughts?

First and foremost, one cannot talk to a mob. If that is done, it is no talks, but it becomes an address. I am sure both the Prime Minister and the home minister would talk. However, these persons should meet them in a delegation of 10 to 15 members.

Will talks with these people help?

I have my doubts about that. Even if a delegation is formed and they speak to the government, the question is will it have any effect. I say this because these protesters have no control over the protest. They are just paid to sit there and are controlled by someone else.

Do you suspect that radical elements are also involved?

Yes there is no doubt about that. The National Investigation Agency is looking into it. However, the radical angle is another issue and that is for the agencies to handle. The more important thing is that the people must see that these protesters are protesting over the rehabilitation of the Hindu refugees.

What about the role of the Aam Admi Party?

The Delhi Police has caught a worker of theirs. While that is one part of it, what is more important is that development has taken a back seat in Delhi as the AAP is doing nothing about these protests.

What about NRC and NPR?

The government has made it clear that it is not thinking of NRC for now. NPR, on the other hand, will be used to dole out welfare measures. Those who are protesting against the NPR are fooling themselves. Trust me, those who oppose it will end up being the biggest losers.

What are these people seeking Azadi from?

That is an interesting question. Seeking Azadi in the name of Article 370 or Afzal Guru is utter nonsense. These people including the Opposition want Azadi from Modi as he has tightened the screws on them and their activities.

What will the Opposition gain?

The Opposition will gain nothing from this. They thought that this could become a platform to run down Modi. They launched massive campaigns both internationally and internally, but have failed. They thought Modi would reverse the decision on the new citizenship law. But that is not happening. That is why they gradually moved from citizenship law to NRC and NRP. Both are non-issues and the Opposition will gain nothing from this.