After creating a stir across the country with his dramatic announcement of the Minimum Income Guarantee/NYAY scheme, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has now hit a new pitch — the cricket pitch.

Addressing a rally of the endangered Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) supporters at one of the conference rooms in Manyata Tech Park, the Nehru-Gandhi scion promised a "Minimum Points Guarantee" scheme for the weakest IPL teams from the next season onwards.

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"This way, RCB will definitely make it to the playoffs each year. As of now, the IPL isn't a level-playing field at all, because Modiji is working overtime to interfere and make Ambani's team win. You saw what happened between RCB and the Mumbai Indians (MI). RCB were supposed to win but a no ball which wasn't declared led to the Ambanis winning. Why did the umpire not declare the no ball? Why hasn't Modiji even spoken on, let alone taken action against the umpire? Is there a connection between the umpire and the Rafale scam? We will thoroughly investigate all this once we come into power!" Rahul announced.

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"Let my scheme come in. Then I guarantee you, no Swamy can stop RCB from winning at Chinnaswamy!" the Congress president smiled, with a wink. "With this scheme, teams like RCB and Rajasthan Royals (RR) will get a minimum of 72 points every IPL season, in the points table. And that's not all — they will also get a minimum of 7.2 Fair Play award points per game!" he added.

IPL chairman and Congress leader Rajeev Shukla is in complete agreement with Rahul's proposal. "We whole-heartedly welcome Rahulji's escheme and will definitely implement to help weaker teams esecure an espot in the playoffs in each eseason!" said Shukla, munching on a plate of hot esamosas..oops..samosas.

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BJP's..Oops..Congress' leader and Rahul's advisor, Sam Pitroda called upon the stronger IPL teams to have a heart. "Open your hearts. Do you like to see teams suffering like this, at the bottom of the playoffs? Does it not prick your conscience to see them languishing over there?" Pitroda told MyNation cricket editor Mumbai Mindbreaker. The overseas leader also added that introducing foreign players into IPL teams was like giving toys to monkeys. Pitroda was also about to bat for the mandatory inclusion of Pakistani players in the IPL, before he was forcibly evicted from the MyNation office, by other Congress leaders.

While the BJP is yet to officially respond on the development, top PMO sources have confirmed to MyNation, that PM Narendra Modi has advised the RCB team management to rename their team "Royal Chowkidars Bangalore" for better results.

The piece above is a work of satire