"Mujhe thappad se dar nahin lagta saab lekin pyaar se lagtha hai.." (I am not scared of a slap but love scares me) is one of the most famous dialogues of Sonakshi Sinha in the movie Dabangg. But after she appeared in the Kaun Banega Corepati show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, now we all know what Sonakshi Sinha is really scared of in her life.

Sonakshi is being trolled left right and centre for her ignorance. At the KBC show, she was asked this: "For whom did Hanuman bring Sanjeevini  herb?" With four options, her guess was Sita!

Voila...guess what! The name of Sonakshi Sinha's house is Ramayan!

Her father Shatrughan Sinha's brothers are Ram, Bharat and Laxman. Names of her two brothers are Luv and Kush. This is not a recreation of a scene from Ramayan, but this is Sonakshi Sinha's family.

But she used a lifeline to answer the question about Sanjeevini herb.

Well, Laxman was in exile when Hanuman brought Sanjeevini herb for him. Dear KBC, it was surely an out-of-the family question for Sonakshi Sinha! Don't you think so? Well, Just for Laughs on MyNation surely does.

But after all these years, makers of Ramayana serial may be thanking Sonakshi Sinha today, for making Ramayan a trending topic of the day.