London: United Kingdom's opposition Labour Party passed a motion on the Kashmir issue seeking international observers to intervene.

This was not well received by India as it comes at a time when most of the countries are supporting it for abrogating Article 370 and declaring Kashmir as a Union Territory.

India’s UK mission too, reportedly cancelled dinner plans with Labour Friends of India after the motion was passed.

Reacting on the UK's Labour Party decision, spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Raveesh Kumar said, "Clearly, this is an attempt at pandering to vote-bank interests. There is no question of engaging with the Labour Party or its representatives on this issue."

India has maintained that that it is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan.  

Nevertheless, the UK has still chosen to seek intervention on this issue while it has many problems of its own on its plate that could possibly do with intervention over a cup of tea, including the biscuit, sorry, Brexit.

Just for Laughs take a dig, but only in jest, to highlight the not so international, but internal issue at hand.