At a time when Twitter trends take over our life, one would often want to project one’s life as the best on social media, in a bid to keep up with the trend. If #Selfie is trending, then you would make sure you take 'effective' selfies (we mean with effects) and upload it. 

The hashtags decide how the day is going to be. If a hashtag trends, you are sure to see umpteen number of articles, features on the same topic.

Just imagine today's top trend is #WeMetOnTwitter. You will see hundreds of people putting of photos with the #WeMetOnTwitter hashtag. But what you see on Twitter may not be true. And what if you have not met anyone on Twitter?

Here is proof that people’s emotions lean towards trending Twitter hashtags than to the person sitting beside you.

Take a look at the emotions in real life and off the Twitter screen!