Well, we’ve gotten through another year, somehow. Struggles, joys, achievements, failures all of the parts and parcels that we’ve had to endure and carry with us. It’s time to look ahead to a New Year. While we gear up to celebrate the new year, Just for Laughs on MyNation section would like to highlight how the New Year is celebrated at different stages of our lives.

From watching fireworks, to “getting wasted” as a teen, hanging out at major parties as a middle-aged person, we all have gone through or will go through these different stages of celebrations, at one point or the other.

Though it’s good to reminisce, we need to be in the moment lest it flies past us before we know it. Here’s wishing you get through the last few days of 2019 and that the New Year brings about a great change for the better. But whichever year we find ourselves in, may we all act our age, within bounds of reason, of course.