Pm Modi On Chandrayaan 2  

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    India6, Nov 2019, 8:21 AM IST

    PM Modi on Chandrayaan 2: Mission was successful, generated curiosity

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Kolkata when he said that Chandrayaan 2 was not a failure as it had successfully generated curiosity amongst the youth. He insisted that scientific discoveries might not be of immediate help to the present generation but could be beneficial in the future.

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    India7, Sep 2019, 6:14 AM IST

    Chandrayaan 2 loses contact with Vikram lander, PM Modi to address nation at 8 am

    The much awaited moment of Chandrayaan 2’s moon landing was met with bated breath and a deafening silence as ISRO broke the news that they had lost contact with the lander - Vikram. Prime Minister Modi has extended his support to the scientists and will address the nation at 8 am.