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  • World14, May 2019, 4:17 PM IST

    Gwadar is not last, more attacks to come, Baloch Liberation Army declares

    Pashtun rights activist and senior journalist from Waziristan in Pakistan and who is living in exile in Afghanistan Imtiaz Wazir said these were not "terrorists", but "freedom fighters"

  • Killing of minorities goes unabated in pakistan amid Pashtun demand for freedom and un intervention

    Views2, Apr 2019, 4:59 PM IST

    Pakistan's Pashtun unease that just triggered Durand Line countdown

    Though the Pashtuns have been living in Pakistan since 1947, Pakistan's dominant Punjabi state apparatus has never accepted them wholeheartedly as genuine Pakistani citizens. Any legitimate Pashtun grievance regarding the government, Pakistan Army or institutions has always invited furious counter reaction from Punjabis and they are bluntly being labelled 'Afghanis' for raising their voice against state apparatus.