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    India23, May 2020, 2:07 PM

    Indian economist appointed by World Bank to key position on climate change

    Abhas Jha, an Indian economist, has been appointed by the World Bank to a key position on climate change and disaster management in South Asia, the global lender said.

  • 'আক্রান্ত তরুণ কলকাতা থেকে সংক্রমিত হননি', বললেন মুখ্যমন্ত্রী

    India17, Apr 2020, 6:05 PM

    Mamata’s decision to extend time for selling sweets, an open invitation for disaster

    West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is more doing more harm than good to the state as she has extended the window for selling sweets. From the earlier 12 noon to 4 pm, she has extended it from 8 am to 4 pm

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    World16, Mar 2020, 6:41 PM

    In 2015, Bill Gates Predicted World Would Face 'Highly Infectious Virus'


    In April 2015 following the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, had predicted that the world would struggle to cope with a highly infectious virus and also warned about its dangers. Unfortunately, it appears that nobody listened to him then, as the world continues to battle with the coronavirus pandemic. It all happened when Bill Gates participated in a 2015 Ted Talks and revealed his fears of a potential global epidemic. Gates, who has donated 50 million dollars to speed up the development of a coronavirus treatment, had also made an appeal for becoming better prepared to tackle the same. So what did Bill Gates really say in his Ted Talks titled – The Next Outbreak? We’re Not Ready. Watch this video y Sunita Iyer to know more.

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    India21, Feb 2020, 5:07 PM

    Shashi Tharoor rues dynastic disaster as Congress to re-elevate Rahul Gandhi as its president

    If sources are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi will be re-elevated as the Congress chief. But as Congress continues to bootlick dynasty criterion, it is Shashi Tharoor whose call to have a poll in this regard that has been relegated  

  • Centre Approves Rs 5,908 Crore Funds to Seven States As Relief For Calamity Damage

    India7, Jan 2020, 6:41 PM

    Centre Approves Rs 5,908 Crore to Seven States As Relief For Calamity Damage

    The High-Level Committee (HLC), chaired by the Union Minister for Home Affairs Shri Amit Shah, met in New Delhi today to consider additional central assistance to seven states, which were affected by floods/ landslides/cloudburst during southwest monsoon 2019. High-Level Committee approved additional central assistance of Rs. 5908.56 crore to seven States from National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF)

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    Lifestyle News24, Dec 2019, 8:05 PM

    DePress Room | Asia Pacific to face the brunt of climate change

    Hello and welcome to this episode of DePress Room, my name is Amal Chowdhury and today we will be talking about how the Asia Pacific region is facing the brunt of Climate Change. The world's most disaster-prone region felt the harsh reality of the climate crisis in 2019.

  • Bhopal Gas tragedy

    India3, Dec 2019, 8:24 PM

    35 years on, gas tragedy that affected 5 lakh people still haunts Bhopal

    Bhopal: On the night of December 2 and the following day in 1984, people of Bhopal experienced hell as there was a gas leak at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL). The gas that leaked at the pesticide plant killed nearly 3,500 people instantly in Bhopal. The death toll is estimated between 15,000 and 20,000. More than 5,00,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate gas. The next generations too are suffering due to the remains of the toxic element that has not been eradicated.

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    India2, Dec 2019, 3:46 PM

    35 Years On, Meet The 2 Unsung Heroines Of The Bhopal Gas Tragedy

    In this episode of Not For Women Only, we revisit the journey of Rashida Bee and Champa Devi Shukla, who never imagined that they would find themselves in frontline roles following the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy.

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    India30, Sep 2019, 9:16 AM

    Bihar floods: 19 NDRF teams deployed in affected areas; death toll touches 29

    19 teams of the National Disaster Response Force have been deployed in Bihar due to floods following torrential rains. NDRF teams are carrying out rescue and evacuation operations along with other agencies in the flood-affected areas. The death toll in Bihar has risen to 29 owing to rain related incidents in the state. The state government has requested the Indian Air Force for two helicopters to aid in rescue operations. 

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    India19, Sep 2019, 4:12 PM

    NDRF to induct women personnel within one year in new battalions

    National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) would have four new battalions in addition to 12. They will be in Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and the National Capital Region.  

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    World27, Aug 2019, 11:41 AM

    Amazon forest fire: Fresh blazes rage; G7 Nations pledge support, Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro turns it down

    More fires have broken out across the Amazon in Brazil, even as Brazillian warfare dumped water over hard-hit areas. G7 Nations joined hands in helping Brazil out of the disaster, but Brazil president rejected the offer of $22million aid.

  • കോട്ടക്കലിൽ നിന്നും പകർത്തിയ ദൃശ്യം

    India21, Aug 2019, 3:25 PM

    Centre sanctions Rs 4,432 crore as disaster aid package for 3 states; Kerala misses out

    Ministry of home affairs has approved Rs 4432.1 crore in additional Central assistance to the states of Odisha, Karnataka and Himachal Pradesh

  • madhyapradesh flood

    India17, Aug 2019, 5:07 PM

    Andhra Pradesh floods: Over 11,000 people from Krishna, Guntur districts moved to relief camps

    Villages in Andhra Pradesh faced floods. Scores evacuated after 24 villages were inundated by floods. According to the State Disaster Management Authority, a total of 4,352 houses marooned in Krishna, Guntur districts

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    India13, Aug 2019, 8:41 PM

    Be it drought or floods, how can India weather climate change?

    From drought to floods in India, disasters, one after the other have forced us to ask ourselves the question that we have all been trying to run away from. Can the country weather climate change? Watch SimplifiedBy on MyNation to find out.