In a blog post, Google warned 10 Indian app developers that their apps would be taken down from the Play Store if they didn't follow the rules. This action is the result of these developers refusing to pay for Google Play's services for a long time, even with court-ordered temporary protective measures in place.
The names of the companies that have broken its app store standards have not been formally released by the firm.

The Supreme Court decided to hear arguments from several companies challenging Google's pricing practices on February 9. However, the bench, which was chaired by Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud, declined to provide a temporary injunction shielding these companies from being taken down from the Play Store.

Google stated in a blog post that, today, Google Play has over 200,000 Indian developers who abide by their regulations, helping them to keep the marketplace secure. Nonetheless, 10 companies, many of them well-known, have decided to temporarily secure legal protections in order to withhold payment for the substantial value they earn on Google Play for a prolonged period of time. These developers follow the payment policies of other app marketplaces.

Before taking the required enforcement action, Google has allowed these developers more than three years to get ready, including three weeks following an order from the Supreme Court. They have always complied with local laws. No court or government agency has for years ruled against Google Play's ability to charge for the goods and services we offer. Additionally, on February 9th, the Supreme Court declined to impede our freedom to do so.

The company claims that it has consistently helped developers understand its regulations and find solutions. Google said that removing apps that don't follow its guidelines from Google Play can be part of upholding its policies.

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