Bangalore: TrackMyPhones Founder Srihari Karanth has been conferred with the 'Top 50 Tech Visionaries' Award for his significant contributions towards the technology sector. The award will be presented at the InterCon 2019 edition to be held in Dubai during 14-16th October, 2019.

About the award 

InterCon, or the Internet Conference, is an industry platform that aims to bring together the best minds in technology to share and ignite ideas, best practices, and innovative thinking. InterCon's 'Top 50 Tech Visionaries' Award factors in stringent criteria like industry impact, future readiness, and spirit of innovation to identify impactful contributions that can shape the future of technology.

About the company TrackMyPhones 

Srihari Karanth and his twin brother Shrinidhi Karanth have been pioneers in developing safety mechanisms that can remotely track one's phone, thus enabling user safety. 'TrackMyPhones', the startup founded by the two brothers, offers more than 20 dedicated apps focused on anti-theft, remote monitoring, parental control, and women's safety. TrackMyPhones' wide bouquet of remote tracking services allows for a truly innovative, robust, and secure environment for end users, especially women, elderly, and children.
Asked about his industry-beating endeavor that landed him the award, Srihari Karanth said, "Customer feedback is very important for us as a motivation to develop useful apps that enable safety without adding any last mile costs. Technology can be leveraged to act as a bridge between what digital innovation can offer and what vulnerabilities end users face. This motivates the entire team at TrackMyPhones to develop unique safety apps for users." 

Future Plans 

Owing to their engineering backgrounds, both Srihari and Shrinidhi were working as programmers. The unprecedented success of TrackMyPhones and the desire to offer a digital safety playground for end users have propelled the brothers into switching track and devoting all of their energy to TrackMyPhones. "Our aim is to reach 100 million users for existing apps while we continue to make innovative apps for end users and will also look to move to the B2B space to get a stable revenue," says Srihari as the company witnessed a growth of over 300% since in the last one year alone with 9 million users and counting.

Founded in 2016, TrackMyPhones is a step forward in the vision of its dynamic co-founders Srihari Karanth and Shrinidhi Karanth to leverage the power of digital technology to offer safety and security to vulnerable sections of consumers and end users. The 'Top 50 Tech Visionaries' accolade at InterCon 2019 not only recognizes their contribution but also marks their passion in ringing in such innovations in the days to come.