“Perseverance and passion can result in nothing if the perception isn't in the right place”. The above-mentioned statement is a well-known rule in his life and his career. He has been in the industry of digital marketing for over a decade now. 

With persistence, passion, and perception he claims to be one of those who have successfully aced the professional skills and wilfully made an eminent position among all. When asked about his success mantra, he strongly claims that one who has the power to conceive failures obtains the power to achieve success.

His ambition and aims have never gone too far, yet his hard work has overcome his imagination and brightened him among all-stars. His profession in the field of Digital Marketing has won him several accolades and laurels. His work has been celebrated by many and is still recognized as an inspiration among his competitors. 

His humility, generosity, and hearty fellowship have won him appreciation from around the world. But it’s not only his warm behavior that makes him steal a million hearts. His work itself speaks for himself and has often been the one moving forward with time! He has worked for a number of celebrated personalities. 

These persons are recognized in the field of Politics, Film making, Acting, and Journalists. On being asked about his vast professional experience, Sagar Khandelwal suggests that one has to throw oneself out in front of the work that comes their way, and fate paves the way from thereon. His work is often regarded as the perfect example that people aspire to follow and produce. He is a mentor to many, messiah to the industry and a multifaceted personality for all.

On a personal front, he had been residing in New Delhi for a time span of 6 years. But he recently moved out of the city and shifted to Pune in search of new opportunities and experiences in the field of Marketing Agency. Ever since the day he has stepped into the work sphere, he has been eager and excited to learn any and every skill that might help him to further improvise. 

Perhaps this is the spirit of a true professional that never lets his distance from his/her work. By gaining work experience, and putting his professional skills to use for an array of clients in the work field, he wishes to begin his venture. In the coming future, he dreams of launching his startup in the field of Digital Marketing Agency and aspires to put it ahead of all. The competition in his dreams is itself a factor of encouragement and motivation.

Adding on his, personal life and overall persona that he is a part of, he is currently indulged in some kind, goodwill work too. Although he is fully committed to his work life and aspires to indulge himself in the sphere, even more, he hasn’t severed himself from the society he is a part of. His gratitude and humility have led him to run an NGO named UNITED TO CHANGE. This organization is dedicated and devoted to serving the needy and the poor. With an efficient and active team, he leads on to the path of giving and serves others whenever it is possible. With morals and materialistic riches on his side, he aims to enrich the lives of those who have to struggle to make their ends meet. Perhaps it is only a good heart that can never see others hurting. At all fronts of his life, he continues to live and help others live to the fullest!