While the world is resting and taking a step back for their safety, Sagar Bisht, a young boy from North India is accelerating his career right from his work desk. Sounds interesting, right? Initially, a passion-driven fashion blogger, Sagar Bisht is grabbing eyeballs on his social media profiles. Working tirelessly each day towards his newfound goals through the obstacles of the market arena, he is setting breaking his own records in digital marketing.

Sagar has been working in the digital marketing field for quite a few years now. Hence, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge, expertise, and skill in his craft. Working on various models and strategies, he has explored multitudes of internet space. He speaks of his experiences and knowledge very enthusiastically on his social media profiles, imparting knowledge and awareness regarding digital marketing, the fashion industry, and blogging through his consistent posts and stories.

Sagar is also a travel lover. His love for exploration has taken him places and his curiosity keeps only increasing with each journey he takes. On these journeys, he likes to explore not just new places, but also meet new people and make friends all around the world. He loves to talk about his business, his new start-up, and discuss his views on the newly evolving digital platforms. On one of these journeys, he hopes to meet yet another prospective client, and business partners, people who take interest in his start-up and are willing to put in efforts together with him.

His newly found interest in the P.R. industry has also fetched him several P.R. assignments. He has also contributed major parts in the digital promotion of several movies and brands.
Sagar Bisht is a calculative calculator. He plans every move wisely before taking any step. His strategist attitude makes every situation turn into the favor of his business. He never speaks about his strategies before the succeed. And then, he lets his success make the noise.

Sagar has been working with brands and businesses in several states of India. There are people who trust him for their brand presence on digital platforms. On his social media, there are followers who attend his live sessions religiously to learn and acquire more knowledge each time. In a short period in this industry, Sagar has achieved unbelievable goals. In a very short period of his social media presence, he has earned enormous engagements. With his strategies and content, Sagar is unstoppable!
Sagar Bisht has quickly become every young entrant’s favorite marketeer. His networks have put him ahead of his competitors, and on the way to becoming one of the most influential digital marketers and fashion bloggers in India.

Giving in to the popularity, Sagar wants to play his cards right this year. He is soon producing a music video in the upcoming year. With this music video, he hopes to bring a new perspective and step into the Bollywood music industry. The music video will be available on Zee Music after its release.
Sagar is stepping up his marketing game each day, learning and growing. How are you expanding your horizons this quarantine? Or… are you just sleeping it away, letting it pass like your last weekend?