Cyber crimes have soared in the recent past in a big way with the growth of FinTech ideas getting popular in the market. As more and more transactions are taking place cashless and people are more relying on the cyber systems developed to carry out business and day to day money transactions in a big way. This has also made the cyber criminals smart as they know how to break the security systems to not only hack the accounts and squeeze money by getting huge data and eventually money as well.

These crimes are taken care of by professionals called ethical hackers. These are experts who know the security systems in and out and have the expertise to nab them. One such name is Shoaib Patwary who is a 23-year-old young man expert in cyber security. Being a media student, he also used his media skills to propagate his passion for cyber security to the world who remain vulnerable to such cyber crooks and mafias who are waiting to nab their money kept in the virtual world. Shoaib Patwary has worked with the Cyber Security department helping people to catch cyber criminals.

With his media skills, he was able to develop a short film on cyber crime and criminals that was meant to create an awareness among the people who easily become a victim of the modern-day crimes and criminals. He still feels that he has to learn a lot in this field hence he has enrolled for his master's program in Cyber Security from a reputed university in Sweden. He intends to work in top companies helping them to secure their systems from hackers and cyber criminals apart from making people aware of the same.