Bengaluru: Doxxing is certainly a bane for Indian citizens living abroad as they lose jobs, get fined and even face the threat of deportation. 

We have been filing a lot of stories in which we have brought to you the plight and privations of those NRIs who exercised their freedom of speech and expression and ended up being victimised by those who published their personal or professional details on social websites with the ulterior motive of jeopardising their career. 

In our continued series, we have compiled a few more tweets and the names of NRIs. Here they are: 








These were some of the posts we could glean from various sources. 

However, as we continue to write, another popular website reported that Bala Krishna Nakka from Hyderabad, working as Chief Accountant at Dubai's Moro Hub Data Solutions Company, was sacked after his Facebook went viral, evoking widespread condemnation, the Gulf News reported.

The website further added that earlier, Abu Dhabi resident Mitesh Udeshi was sacked for his posts on a sensitive issue. 

The issue at hand is not a communal one nor is it to provoke anyone. It is all about rescuing those Indians who have no clue as to what their future holds for them.