Bengaluru: Is it wrong if you are inclined towards a particular ideology and show your appreciation for one political party? The answer would be an emphatic ‘no’. But here is the story of a BJP supporter who has been doxxed, the reason for which appears to be his admiration for the BJP.

In our endeavour to unearth doxxers and their wicked ways to punish NRIs, we came across a tweet in which we understood a person going by the name Praveen Sammeta, who worked at Aamal Services was doxxed. In the tweet, we can also see a paragraph which proudly proclaims that he was arrested.

The tweet also contains a letter by Aamal Services saying that misconduct would not be tolerated.

Here is the tweet:


Well, we reiterate our endeavour is not to make anything communal or bigoted. We just want to highlight how the lives of fellow Indians in a foreign land are in peril because they wanted to express their opinion.

Doxxers who feel it is their right to target NRIs, report them and get them stripped of their job, face punitive measures and perhaps, even be deported back to India don’t realise they are jeopardising their fellow Indians.
The list of such doxxers is humongous! And the list of those who are targeted is also not any less!

The unfortunate Indians include dance trainers, personnel in the aviation sector or those in the cleaning industry or those in the IT sector.

And how does this process work? Well, first doxxers in India exhort locals in foreign countries to send their contact details. Then, once a connection is built and a rapport is grown, they send all the details. From that point, the locals work hard to put these NRIs in a bad light and even get them punished.