Bengaluru: Singer Sonu Nigam has been stuck in Dubai due to the lockdown. As the lockdown was announced while he was in Dubai, he couldn’t exit it. 

And his stay there has been used as a prop to doxx him. 

As we continue to track those Indians abroad who have been doxxed, we couldn’t take our eyes off from the fact that the singer too had been targeted. 

A Twitter user who goes by the name Sabnam Fatima had mocked Sonu Nigam asking him to be drubbed royally for his views on Azaan. 

Sonu Nigam had said in this tweet thus: 

“God bless everyone. I am not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India?”

He was targeted for these views of his. 


He was even forced to deactivate his account. 

As we went visiting Sabnam Fatima’s twitter account, we came to know that it was claimed by some that it is a man Mukeem Durrani who hides behind the veil of a woman while he continues to doxx people. 

Here is the revelation.  


Another tweet claimed that he is the son of a policeman 


There are many pictures of him available on the social media. 


And when we dug further, a twitter user claimed that the account had been deactivated. 


Well, as claimed by many, Mukeem Durrani sits in Faridabad and tweets against Indians and in some cases, even against our own Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

It is extremely sad and even disturbing that someone who sits in India, targets those who are visiting other countries, that too at a time when the lockdown is in vogue. 

Doxxing is an act in which information about an individual is given out online with a malicious intent to target them and eventually harass them. 

In our articles, we have tried to expose those who have resorted to such doxxings and put fellow Indians in danger. 

Additionally, we insist that the articles do not intend to target members of any specific community.