Bengaluru: As our tireless coverage of those who doxx Indians abroad continues, we came across another profile who had doxxed at least two Indians abroad.  

He goes by the name Zaigham Murtaza and claims to be a journalist with no citizenship. 

The first person he attacked was an HR Akshita Kunder who works at a company in Dubai, UAE. 

She had put out a picture on the origins of the coronavirus. 

On his part, Murtaza, using clear marks, has clearly put out her photographs, and has urged authorities to check her activities. 

On his twitter account, he writes thus: “Dear Concerned, Akshita Kunder's profile suggests that she is working with 
@aquachemie in Dubai. She is spreading hatred in the name of religion. Plz check the activities of this Islamphobe.” 

He has even tagged Dubai police and others. 

Here is the tweet. 


And then he trains his guns on another individual Mahendra Singh working in Saudi Arabia. On his twitter handle, he writes: 

“Dear Concerned, This person Mahendra Singh is a Islamphobe. He is working somewhere in KSA and spreading hatred on social media in the name of religion. Please check. Regards.” 

He has tagged authorities to create more impact. 

Here is the tweet: 


What makes matters worse is how he has even used his passport to defame him! 

Another Twitter user with the handle @AngryLord has complained against him to the Delhi police by tagging them on twitter. 

He writes, “Please take note of a gentleman named Zaigham Murtaza from Delhi, who's constantly into reporting Indians sitting in Islamic countries for their FoE and putting all of them in harm's way.” 

Here is the tweet: 


Well, doxxing of Indians abroad is a crime under Indian laws. Top put fellow Indians abroad into trouble and derive cheap thrill is indeed reprehensible. 

Both these instances are classic examples of doxxing. We tried our best to understand how the accused are trying to make ends meet. But unfortunately, we could not find out any information about them.