Bengaluru: Doxxing continues unabated!

From Gulf countries to Canada, now doxxing has set its roots in New Zealand as well! 

Kantilal Bhagabai Patel, an NRI hailing from Gujarat has been expelled from a judicial body for his tweet. 

He was forced to sacrifice his membership from Wellington Justices of Peace Association. 

The doxxer, in this case, whose name has not been revealed apprised the vice-president Ann Clark of the body about the messages. 

The vice-president took cognisance of the complaint and replied thus: 

“We have completed our investigation and have concluded that these posts were not consistent with the standards expected of a Justice of the Peace. Mr Patel has been advised of that and the consequences for him. We are in the process of dealing with that. As you will appreciate not all the usual government systems are working at this time. Justices of the Peace are appointed through a government process and to cancel that appointment is also a government process. So in the meantime I hope you are willing to accept the apologises of the Wellington Justices of the Peace Association for the actions of this now former member of our Association.” 

Meanwhile, as we scoured through online articles for more on the issue, we came across a website called which contacted the NRI under question and sought his take on the issue. 

As we read through his reply, we understand that he has objections relating to the post. 

He has questioned as to how his Hindi post was comprehended and if it were really interpreted before making an allegation. 

He has also lamented that different versions of the story have taken birth and further rued the fact that his take on the issue has not been sought. 

In his own words, “I am letting you and public in large know that I have no intentions to defame or discredit any particular religion, race or society and have never done it in the past. Although I certainly regret this unfortunate moment where I forwarded this blog randomly without reading it from my personal social media account but was completely misinterpreted by the Wellington JP Association and those who complained.”