Bengaluru: Life for those non-residential Indians who choose to express and articulate themselves on issues they deem sensitive can be hellish! 

Well, in our continued series on NRIs being doxxed, we came across another such individual who has been suspended by his company for making no bones about his love for PM Modi and the BJP. 

In an exclusive chat with MyNation, the NRI who works for an automotive and construction company in Dubai poured out his woes. 

The NRI says, “I have posted messages in favour of BJP and PM Modi. I have been posting such stuff for a decade or so on the social media. A few days ago, snapshots of my messages were displayed in order to target me.” 

He further adds that he had also posted his opinions in relation to CAA, NRC and NPR and even Shaheen Bagh. 

But to his dismay, what he thought was an exercise and endeavour in summoning his right to speech, was nothing but a doorway to hell! 

In other words, the NRI was doxxed for his views by a group called Hate Hunter. 

Now, as we continue to expose doxxers and their nefarious deeds, we have written extensively on Hate Hunter and how he targets gullible Indians abroad. 

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The NRI further explains as to how he was targeted by the group. 

He delineates, “One of them sent an email to my company. They abused me saying that I am a Sanghi, an Islamophobic. They have even sought a jail term for me.” 

And once the doxxing part was done, the NRI was immediately suspended from service. 

The NRI adds, “My company took action against me. I have been suspended for 7 days. They said they are investigating the case. If I am found guilty, I might face punitive measures.” 

The sad story certainly doesn’t end here! The poor soul adds that another 40-50 have complained against him to the Dubai police. 

And painfully ironically, members of the same group, who take umbrage at the fact that a particular community is being named and shamed, have resorted to calling him a “Muslim traitor”. 

In our robust resolve not to make this burning and burgeoning issue into a communal conflagration, we must not, rather ought not, miss out on the wicked game being played out against NRI Hindus. 

In the words of the NRI, “Even if you follow saffron here, you are targeted! If you follow Shivaji Maharaj, you will be pulled up! Even if you praise Modi, you are called Islamophobic!” 

More on this by him: “They are running a campaign against Hindus. They have the support of the princess here. They have shortlisted my name as an Islamophobic. There are hundreds of people who have targeted me.”

Additionally, the NRI says that he is being targeted for his posts which were put up while he was in India. 

And the penalty for expressing one’s views? Well, here it is: “The fine is Rs 1 crore and the jail term can be 15 years,” the NRI reveals. 

Is it not shameful, shocking, sad and perhaps even Schadenfreude to put the lives of fellow Indians in peril? The NRI is living under constant trepidation, intimidation and fear and knows not what the future holds for him! 

While he pleads heart-wrenchingly to save him from the jaws of an inhumane society, he adds that he yearns to be on the first flight back to India.
After all, isn’t India the safest place for all?