Bengaluru: We have got hundreds of replies in response to our appeal to share screenshots of victims who have been doxxed.

As we went on looking at these replies, we couldn’t miss out on the reply sent by Gautam Buddh who tweets with the handle @GautamBuddh13.

He had sent screenshots of Tejasvi Surya, Bengaluru South MP being doxxed.


A note on Tejasvi Surya’s tweet:

The Bengaluru South MP had cited Tarek Fateh’s quote on Arab women. But he drew flak for what he put up years ago!

In response to his being pulled up, he said, “I have merely stated what Tarek Fatah said. Having said that, I agree with him that Islamofascism is [a] grave threat to civilisation. Must I even react to something from when I was not in public life?”

He also added: “The same happened even during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. So, I guess this is going to be an annual fixture.”

It is sad that an MP too was targeted for his personal views, that too, as he himself stated, even before he entered public life.

It is shocking that one of the users said that he would be not welcome to the country if at all he gets a foreign affairs portfolio.

The user said, “Please note, if someday the govt bestows a foreign ministry to you, avoid travelling to Arab lands. You are not welcome here. This will be remembered."

This is how Indians are shamed even if they share an opinion.

The plight of Indians abroad who get doxxed is unimaginable. They are often shamed for their opinions, asked to apologise, sometimes terminated and the chances of jailing are also high.

There are also calls for their punishment and deportation back to India.

Our endeavour is to expose these doxxers who derive a sense of contentment endangering the lives of their countrymen.