Bengaluru: The scourge of doxxing never ends, does it? From dance trainers to people working in aviation sector to people in IT sector and even in cleaning sector, no NRI is spared!

And the sad and shocking story only continues!

In our response to the appeal that we had put up on our social media handle to send screenshots, we got one in which a person by name Adnan Hussain had replied to Hend Faisal Al Qassemi urging the authorities in a foreign country to take action against NRIs.


Here’s another!


Once you go through all these tweets, we come to understand that there is a well-oiled machinery to take on NRIs and teach them a lesson.

In one of our previous articles, we showed you how three Indians had been forced to face punitive measures for exercising their right to express themselves.

As and when the employers or police authorities are alerted by doxxers about NRIs, these NRIs are made to go through the worst of circumstances.

In some cases, their salaries are cut and they are asked not to return to work. In some other cases, they are asked to return to India and may face a jail term as well. Some would even be fined!

In some cases, NRIs also pulled up for tweeting memes and innocuous tweets. They can be some views on Tablighi markaz event and how they helped contribute to the spread of the virus in India.

In all, the methodology employed to target NRIs is well structured. Sitting in India, some doxxers seek the information of journalists sitting in Gulf countries and openly tell them that they want to report about NRIs there.

From that point onwards, journalists or anyone else with a similar bent of mind as the doxxers ensure NRIs face the worst of fate.