Bengaluru: The Indian men’s hockey team’s scientific advisor Robin Arkell has been devising some fantastic training schedules for the members of the side which have helped them to maintain their fitness during the nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Goalkeeper Krishan B Pathak joined Robin Arkell on an Instagram live session on Monday (May 11) to give a glimpse of the Indian team’s workout while maintaining social distancing at the Sports Authority of India (SAI) campus in Bengaluru.

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The goalkeeper began the session on Instagram by carrying out a few warm-up drills which included clap push-ups, skipping and stretching of various muscles. Pathak mainly focused on the upper body during the warm-up which lasted for around ten minutes while the scientific advisor explained each of the exercises done by the goalkeeper to help the fans understand the drills better.

Following the warm-up, Pathak began the main fitness session which was a modification of the actual session devised for the Indian Men's Hockey Team for Monday evening. The Goalkeeper carried out four types of exercises which included barbell counter movement jump (2 sets x 12 repetitions), barbell push jerk (2 sets x 12 repetitions), lateral broad jump (2 sets x 12 repetitions) and barbell hang pull (2 sets x 12 repetitions). Pathak took a one-minute break between each set of workouts. After completing all sets of exercises, Pathak was instructed by the Scientific Advisor to carry out a few stretching exercises to cool down. 

While answering questions on the Instagram live, Arkell expressed that he has tried to keep the training schedules short, but include high-intensity exercises.

"I have tried to keep the fitness schedules short as far as duration is concerned, but I have ensured that the players are carrying out high-intensity exercises. At the moment, the fitness schedule is a bit relaxed since the players are not playing matches. I think it's important to keep hydrated and maintain a balanced diet throughout the day as well," said the scientific advisor.

Pathak, who completed all the exercises swiftly, expressed that he enjoyed the 'short and sweet' training session.

"It was fantastic to do our fitness drills on an Instagram live. I hope the fans enjoyed it and will be motivated to do some of our exercises. Robin devised a short and sweet workout plan for today. There were some high-intensity exercises and I am glad I could help Robin explain how and why we do certain workout drills," said the goalkeeper.


Sneak peek into Senior Men’s current training schedule during #COVID19. . #IndiaKaGame

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