Srinagar/New Delhi: At a time when security forces have killed more than 233 terrorists in the past 11 months, top commanders are crediting the collaborative operations and coordination between different agencies for their success and the alienation of locals from terrorist groups over the killings of their own people. 

According to the Srinagar-based 15 Corps commander lieutenant general Anil Bhatt, the coordination between security forces is at one of the all-time best levels.

"We have wonderful coordination and we are working as a joint team. If I want to talk to the Jammu and Kashmir Police chief in the middle of the night, I do that and, if he has to do so, I am always available. This is the level of cooperation we can see even at the junior leadership level," Lt Gen Bhatt told MyNation.

Sources in the security forces say that terrorists and their activities in the past few months — including the killing of local boys working in police and Army — are leading to their own destruction.

"The terrorists targeted people like lieutenant Umar Fayaz and several other personnel who were working in the BSF and Jammu and Kashmir Police, which led to the alienation of the locals from terrorists. The local support these terrorists used to enjoy is waning across the Valley," an Army source said.

Sources said the area of influence of terrorists is now limited to just about 100 sq km in and around Srinagar, including areas such as Kulgam, Budgam and Shopian. In places like Bandipura Sopore and Baramulla, the influence and support for the terrorists have almost vanished, the sources said.

Army sources said the terrorist act of killing people on video and circulating the clips on social media has worked against them as the locals do not want their state be turned into an ISIS-like territory.

As was first reported by MyNation, 9 out of the 12 top commanders in Kashmir have been eliminated by the security forces. It seems Pakistan-supported terror infrastructure has taken a huge hit and will continue to bleed in the times to come.