Pathanamthitta: KP Sasikala, Hindu Aykia Vedi president, was detained on Saturday at 1.30AM near Sabarimala, Kerala. She was arrested soon after. Thousands of her followers began to protest and even partake in a hunger strike demanding her release. Sasikala is now out on bail. Slamming the cops and the state government, she said that she would head to Sabarimala.

Sasikala, who?

KP Sasikala was a simple Brahmin social science teacher. In 1992, the Hindu Aykia Vedi was established to protect Hindu believers. Sasikala become part of the movement in 2003, as a representative for the Hindus, who were being suppressed by the Muslims, following frequent riots that were witnessed in the region.

A simple teacher became a beloved leader for the people because of the way she spoke about the oppression faced by the Hindus of the land. She never wanted to be a leader or receive the kind of recognition that she has received, say her followers, but it was the confidence and support that people gave her, which made her rise up to become the powerful, strong president that she is.

Since then, Sasikala has been part of various religious controversies. In 2015, she was asked to step down from her position as a teacher from the school where she taught for over 30 years, after she called Vallapuzha in Palakkad as Pakistan referring to the riot-prone area that it was. She said that it was because of the majority population that consisted of Muslims, she made that comment.

Following this was a series of controversies on various religious minorities. This includes her comment on Mother Teresa and lifestyle of Muslims. Sasikala had said that Mother Teresa was here in the country to convert Hindus.

A proactive Hindu that she is, RSS hopes to join with her for Hindu progression in Kerala.