Chennai: Rajinikanth's reaction on the release of Rajiv Gandhi assassins did not go down well with many, who slammed him including actress Kasthuri calling it 'not innocence but ignorance'.

When the media asked Rajinikanth about his opinion on the premature release of seven convicts in the former PM Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case, he had refused to comment, saying that he is not aware of the issue.

Reacting to the same, actress Kasthuri slammed the superstar and said that this is not innocence, it is ignorance.

She expressed disappointment and said that a CM aspirant should be aware of the issues happening around them. She also said it is not expected from a person who has been in Tamil Nadu for 20 years that he does not know about the Rajiv Gandhi assassins. 

She also said that if he wants to be in politics, he should show more interest in knowing what's happening in Tamil Nadu. She called his ignorance an apathy.


This angered Rajini fans and they started lashing out at the actress. But not deterred by this, Kasthuri replied to Rajini fans too and said, "For all the people 'explaining' to me about Rajini Sir's awareness levels, I am not accusing him of not knowing the 7 people at all. He himself admits he is clueless about the current developments in the matter. Definitely not befitting someone with CM aspirations."

This is how Kasthuri chose to close the arguments with her befitting reply.

But later, Rajinikanth clarified on the same and had said that he very well knows the convicts in former PM Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case. Rajinikanth also said that he had spoken to one of the convicts, Rerarivalan over the phone when he had come out on a parole. He clarified that he was for the release of the convicts on grounds of humanity as they have served 27 years in jail.

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This is the second controversy around Rajinikanth's statements in three days. On November 12 when the media had asked Rajini if all parties were coming together to fight the BJP and if the BJP is a threat to democracy, he had answered, "If they think so, it must be true."

This was interpreted as him saying that the BJP was dangerous to democracy, to which, the next day, the superstar gave a clarification in a press meet and said that he was misquoted.

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