New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to face is all set to face an open book exam on the Rafale deal in the Parliament on Thursday. Well, that is what Congress president Rahul Gandhi seems to believe. 

Gandhi took to Twitter to tweet a series of questions on the controversial deal for Modi –probably an attempt to increase the pressure on the Prime Minister. 

However, something seems to be wrong in his tweet. 

People soon started noticing the odd numbering and Union defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman was the first one to take a dig at the Congress leader. 

However, Gandhi was quick to come up with an answer. 

Gandhi alleged that the Goa Chief Minister is "blackmailing" Modi with these files.

Citing an audio clip in which a Goa cabinet minister is quoting Parriker claiming that he has the Rafale deal file, Gandhi said there might be many such "tapes".

"The Goa minister is saying clearly that Parrikar ji said in a cabinet meeting that he has a complete file on Rafale deal with all details and therefore, he can't be disturbed. There may be other such audio tapes," said the Congress chief, who attacked the Modi government on the deal in Lok Sabha earlier.

Meanwhile, Modi in an Exclusive interview with ANI said that the Opposition party only weakened the nation’s security forces by slinging mud at the Centre on the Rafale fighter jet deal.

"People who level such allegations are only weakening the Army. But should I worry about the personal attacks being made against me or the fact that the country's needs still have to be met? I have decided that whatever the abuses hurled at me, whatever the allegations levelled against me, I will continue on the path of honesty and give primacy to the country's security," he told ANI.