The bhookamp or earthquake that Congress president Rahul Gandhi had promised duly arrived on Friday. In the form of himself.

His attempted attacking speech left the nation, its Parliament and even the Prime Minister shaking…not because of ground tremors but with laughter.

He began the litany of blunders with the misdirected coinage “jumla strike”, making light of the Indian Army brave incursion into Pakistani soil and killing terrorists and Pak soldiers.

Social media was just getting angry when Rahul opened his comic relief box. And it all started tumbling out.

“Pradhan Mantriji bar mein jaatey hai,” he blurted [there was hysterical laughter in the House]. “Nahin nahin, jab India se bahar mein jaatey hai.”

Even PM Narendra Modi, an avowed teetotaller, was grinning at Rahul’s bar blunder.

Not to be dissuaded by one blooper, he then said that during a five-minute break his speech necessitated because of the ruckus, BJP MPs themselves congratulated him for the tirade. The BJP responded with a “thank you for all the entertainment” and “Rahul is our star campaigner”.


More laughter ensued when he said, “Modi-ji does not look into my eyes.”

The Congress chief then fired a ballistic missile.

“I know aapke liye mai Pappu hoon but I have no hatred for anyone,” he said.

The crescendo of this farcical melodrama came when after finishing his speech, he walked up to PM Modi and gave him a Munnabhai-type Jadu Ki Jhappi. The PM, momentarily surprised with the hug, called him back to jocularly whispered what looked like some advice into RaGa’s ear.


The entire series of stand-up comedy moments would have still been taken as the spontaneous blundering of an immature dynast if he had not returned to his seat and winked at fellow dynast and Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia. Thus putting a final stamp on his political insincerity.