Dubai: Rahul Gandhi faced embarassing questions from a young girl during his recent visit to Dubai.

After meeting Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, vice president and ruler of Dubai, Rahul Gandhi took part in a convention that was attended by the Indians living there. He addressed the crowd and took questions from the public.

During a private event where Rahul Gandhi interacted with children and youngsters, a young girl raised her hand to ask a question. Rahul Gandhi asked as aide to give her the mic. Her first question was on how Rahul, who speaks against caste and religious discrimination, displays his Hindu-ness by applying ashes on his forehead and going to temples in Gujarat and wears the kufis (traditional cap that Muslims wear) while visiting Kashmir. Rahul Gandhi explained that his purpose was to treat all religions equally. 

The girl’s second question was unexpected. She asked, “Congress prides itself for having ruled India for several decades. The welfare and development that were not achieved then, will be done now?” 

Rahul decided to handle it with a counter question. "What will you do if you were the Prime Minister?" 

Office of Congress overseas secretary Aarathi Krishnan confirmed to MyNation that the two questions were indeed asked. Krishnan confirmed on phone that she was present at Gandhi’s Dubai events. Her secretary then confirmed that Rahul's answer to the first question was that he treats all religions equally. "And he handled the girl’s second query with a counter question by asking her what would she do if she were the Prime Minister," he said, responding from Krishnan’s phone.

Sources told MyNation that the girl went on to say how one must seek votes with the promise of providing corruption-free governance instead of bringing in caste and religious distinctions. People present there apparently broke into applause.

(Copy has been updated with a version from the Congress)