Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala police are on high alert to avoid untoward incidents at Sabarimala temple as it is set to unlatch for the Thulam pooja on Wednesday. Senior officers are doubtful that the Supreme Court verdict will sway many young women to visit the shrine, but will not be leaving anything to chance. They said they will be providing protection to the female pilgrims. 

EP Jayarajan, state minister for industries, stated that the protestors at Sabarimala will summon Lord Ayappa’s fury and that they will face destruction. He also added that the protestors do not know what they are doing and that they do not realise that they are committing felony. Jayarajan recommended that the protestors will have to pull back from the same. 

Referring to the Congress leader’s protest, the CPM leader said, K Sudharakan's hunger strike is a big joke.

KK Shailaja, state health minister, too warned the protestors against creating unrest in Sabarimala and also claimed that Ayappa does not discriminate on basis of gender.