Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched PM-Kisan Yojana from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday. In addition to this, the first of three instalments, amounting to Rs 2000 was also sent to the account of more than one crore farmers. 

Addressing a gathering on this occasion, he also targeted the opposition parties and said that the farmers should not get manipulated against the Kisan-Samman Nidhi Yojana. 

The opponents were unhappy with the launch of this scheme and there is fear that farmers would now be in full support with the Prime Minister. The opposition has also indulged in rumour mongering stating that while the PM has transferred money now, he may find a way to take it back by next year, hinting that the BJP could come back in power in the Lok Sabha elections.

PM Modi further said that Rs 2,021 crore has already been transferred and a total of Rs 75,000 crore will be transferred directly into the account of 12 crore farmers. Farmers can now spend this money in buying fertilizer, seeds, medicine and electricity bills. 

The Central Government will transfer Rs 6,000 every year directly to the bank account of the farmers in three instalments each. 

These are the 10 significant statements that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made in his speech: 

  1. Today is going to be recorded in history. Lal Bahadur Shastri ji gave the slogan - Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan. The same mantra, after years now, will be taken till the  farmer's house, his farm, and to his pocket.
  2. This biggest scheme related to farmers after Independence is being started from the holy land of Uttar Pradesh with the blessing of millions of farmers of our country.
  3. So far, I have had the privilege of transferring the first installment of this scheme to the bank accounts of 10.1 million farmers of the country. Rs 2,021 crore has been transferred to these farmers.
  4. This just the beginning. Under this scheme, about Rs 75,000 crores will be going straight to the accounts of farmers every year. 12 million small farmers of the country, who have 5 acres or less land, will reap the benefit.
  5. We have paid attention to the overall troubles of the farmers as well as worked on preventing their challenges. We have come out with a goal to fully empower the farmers.
  6. The peasantry fund will get the pie from the Modi Government, sitting in the center. The State Government does not have to pay any money but it should make an honest list of farmers. The sooner the list comes to the center, the quicker the center will transfer the money in the farmers' account.
  7. The food-provider will now be made the energy-provider. We will put a solar plant on the wasteland and more than 17 lakh solar pumps will be constructed to help the farmers. 
  8. Governments of some States have not given the list of farmers. If these farmers do not reap the benefits due to the State government's negligence, the centre will be blamed for the slack of the state government. 
  9. In 2008, farmers across the country were in a debt of Rs 6 lakh crore rupees. At that time, the debt of Rs 6 lakh crore should have been waived off but only Rs 52,000 crore had been waived off after winning elections. Should the farmers of this country trust those hoodwinkers?
  10. Our government is spending nearly Rs 1 lakh crore on Prime Minister Krishi Irrigation Scheme. We are putting such a huge amount so that the irrigation projects which have been on hold for 30-40 years in the country can now be completed.