New Delhi: National Security  Adviser Ajit Doval, along with officials of Intelligence Bureau (IB) and state government today, is reviewing the progress made in the probe into the Amritsar attack on Nirankaris in which three people were killed.  

Officials of IB and Punjab Police are attending the meeting, where they are briefing the NSA about the progress in the probe, which is likely to reach foreign shores for funding.

The NSA will also review the coordination between the central and state agencies in the case as the former has already been following the cases of Sikh radical elements in the UK and Canada.

Recently, the home ministry had conveyed to a parliamentary panel that Sikh youth are being trained at ISI facilities in Pakistan to carry out terror activities in India. Also, members of the community who are settled in Canada and other places are also being instigated against the country with false and malicious propaganda.

Terror groups based in Pakistan are under pressure from ISI to further the Pakistani spy agency's terror plans not only in Punjab but also in other parts of the country, the ministry added. 

Sikh youth based or settled in Europe, US and Canada are also being misguided and instigated against India with false and malicious propaganda, but the situation is being watched closely by the central and state agencies and they are taking lawful action as and when required. 

Fifteen such terror modules had been busted in the past 18 months in Punjab with help of central agencies.  Kashmiri terror links also indicated in some instances. For instance, in the arrest of Kashmiri students from Jalandhar and in the Maqsudan police station grenade blast case.