On Sunday, we exposed the faces of those who stood against India, in the aftermath of the horrific Pulwama massacre. While some were celebrating the mass murder, some reasoned it. While MyNation believes, no Kashmiri living in the mainland should be targeted, we are also of the firm opinion that Kashmiri or otherwise, whoever ridicules the nation ought to be called out. Each time, every time. To the shock of many, the list doesn't seem to end. Hence, we present Part 2 of Enemy Within with an intent to inform people about such terror apologists to the people of India.

1. Name: Debjit Bhattacharjee

   Place: Kolkata

A known leftist, a wannabe leader, Debjit's display picture has a communist party flag bearing a hammer and a sickle. But his ideologies are more militant than the party he seeks to work for. In a strongly worded and inciting Facebook post, he not only said he is 'happy' at the loss of lives of CRPF jawans but also espoused for Kashmir's independence. Debjit wrote, "Kashmiri rebel ra jemon bharot rashtrer kache jongi, temon kashmir er kache, Bharotiya rapist senarao jongi. E bochhore 300 r theke beshi rebel shohid hoyeche. Kashmir er ar aj 30 jon bharotiyo jongi mara geche Kashmir e. Tate ami bhishon khushi. Karon rashtro marbe ar shadharon manush chhede debe ta to ar hoyna. Kashmirira bodla aro nebe. Shottor lokho bhratiya sena o Kashmir er azadi atkate parbe na. Bharot rasthra ke ghuriye Kashmir ekdin azad hobe, ami nischit". ("The way Kashmir rebels are terrorists to India, in a similar way India's rapist Army is also a terrorist to Kashmir. This year, more than 300 rebels were martyred. Today 30 Indian terrorists were killed in Kashmir.  I am very happy at the fact. Because people will strike back if the nation is on a killing spree. Kashmir will take more revenge. Even 70 lakh Indian army can't stop Kashmir from gaining independence. I am sure Kashmir will snatch independence one day")

Needless to say, this not only is anti-India in its most unadulterated form but punishable under section 124A of the Indian Penal Code. A huge row erupted with this seditious post prompting Debjit to delete his account. 

2. Name: Razab Khan

   Place: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

On the face of it, Razab comes across as a young boy in his early twenties with dreams in his eyes. Known as a fashionista, Razab has a darker, uglier side to himself which was exposed in a private chat with one of his friends when both were talking about the horror of Pulwama. It was a day after the attack, but to the friend's shock Razab said, "Or jo kal huya bhot achhcha hua" (what happened yesterday was just perfect) with a thumbs-up emoji. When the first-year BA student was objected for his blatantly anti-India comment, Razak delivered another shocker, "Jab tab hum (muslims) shant hai na, tab tak beta tum log (hindus) aise rhe ho jo karna kar rahe ho. jis din hum log apne par a gaye na to ghar mein ghus ke marenge jaise kal pel* gaye hai sab" (your time will last till the time we do not react. The day we want, we will go inside your houses and kill you, the way people were killed yesterday". He ended with a laughing emoji.

Needless to say, a complaint was made to the college authorities who rusticated him with immediate effect.

3. Name: Mugdha Karnik

   Place: Unknown

Mugdha is a self-proclaimed atheist and stresses on how rational she is. She has over 13,000 friends on her Facebook page that increases the reach of her posts and multiplies its impact. But Mugdha forgot her rationality that she flaunts or the responsibility that comes along with a large following on February 14, when a Scorpio laden with RDX and ammonium nitrate barged into trucks carrying CRPF personnel, killing at least 40 of them. Mugdha posted, "How is the Josh, Modijee? Or How is the Jaish, Modijee?" It was a clear reference to Jaish e Muhammad, the banned terror outfit that claimed responsibility for the attack. It also poked fun of the line 'Hows the josh' from the movie Uri, that has ever since become viral. 

4. Name: Aasif Shah

   Place: Chennai

Aasif Shah is no ordinary person but a student of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). To gain admission into this Indian ivy league, one needs to be best among the best and Shah is certainly that fine talent. But his intellect went for a toss when on February 14, he composed a cryptic but mischievous Facebook post, "13 July- Martyr's Day,14th Feb - Well-in time day". But a deeper look makes sense of how Shah, in all likelihood was suggesting that the massacre of CRPF jawans on February 14 was in retaliation to the 22 Kashmiris who were killed on July 13, 1931, which has come to be known as Youm-e-Shuhada-e-Kashmir or Kashmiri Martyr's Day. The 22 were killed while they were protesting the prosecution of a sympathizer of the Kashmir struggle, Abdul Qadeer Khan Ghazi.

In layman's terms, Aasif intended to say, the CRPF personnel were killed in 2019 because 22 Kashmiris were killed by the Maharaja of Kashmir way back in 1931. What followed was Twitterati trolling the IIT Madras, where he studies, relentlessly to take disciplinary action against one of its own. So far, the university has remained mum.

5. Name: Manbir Singh Grewal

   Place: Unknown

Grewal claims he is a politician and a cursory look on his Facebook timeline will give you a fair idea of the anti-India hatred piled up inside of him. In a recent Facebook post, he stated, "...if you rape Kashmiri women, use pellet guns, kill innocent people and make Kashmiri children blind with needles; what will you get? This is not a terrorist attack, this is a return of what you did with Kashmiri people...". He shared a gory picture of the attack along with this post that called the mass murder 'not terror attack'. When questioned online, he even went on to say, "hindustan Murdabad". The screenshot of the post is in possession of MyNation but we chose not to share here considering the highly sensitive nature of Grewal's abuse.

Most of these individuals who tend to celebrate a mass killing, justify the use of RDX, wish for Kashmir's supposed independence and say ill about India have one similarity - they are victims of a sick mind that defies logic. While generalisation on the basis of region or religion is the last thing India should do, it’s equally important to expose these individuals each time they go on an anti-India tirade. Because they are India's enemy within.