Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) president Mohanlal has broken his silence over the re-induction of actor Dileep into the film body. 

On Monday (July 9), in Kochi, Mohanlal, at a press conference, defended AMMA’s decision to take back Dileep, who is one of the accused in kidnap and assault case of a South Indian actress.

Mohanlal, who took over as AMMA president from Innocent recently, faced severe backlash from political leaders, fans and members of the Kerala film industry for re-instating Dileep. The actor was expelled last year.

Defending his decision, Mohanlal said AMMA will always give utmost importance to women and new rules will be framed for them and their security. He said there will be a discussion with the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) members. 

Mohanlal said nobody “opposed” Dileep’s return to AMMA during its meeting. He also said that the four actresses, who quit AMMA as a mark of protest against Dileep’s re-entry, too did not question the decision during the meeting.

Lalettan also stressed that Dileep is still out of AMMA until he proves himself as innocent. And he also said that he has not received any letter of complaint from any member of AMMA. He reiterated his and AMMA’s support to the actress, who was attacked.

Responding to rumours of women being shown in poor light in an AMMA show on TV, Mohanlal said the script of the show was penned by women and there was no discrimination between men and women in the organisation.