“Should corruption and black money not be rooted out? Am I not fighting against corruption and black money with all my might and honesty?” Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked an overwhelming crowd in Durgapur. The venue resounded and reverberated with the enthusiastic reply of “Yes. Yes…”.  

After Thakurnagar, the Durgapur rally of the prime minister would surely ruffle the ruling TMC in the state, which has so far tried hard to keep the groundswell in the BJP’s favour under check. An endless sea of people came to listen to the prime minister and if their enthusiasm is anything to go by, the bearings of politics in West Bengal could very well change in 2019 elections.

PM Modi took on Mamata Banerjee head on. He attacked the TMC regime with charges of complicity in corruption and accused it of being anti-poor and anti-development. “This time Mamata regime will have to go,” he said, “and I can see, looking at the sea of people here, that West Bengal is ready for a political change.”

“I was once thinking sitting in Delhi that Didi had been herself at the receiving end under the Leftist regime and had witnessed how democracy had been stifled. I thought she would never go that way. But, now I realise that it is your love that has ruffled her. This is why she thinks she can emulate the ways of the Left and stifle democracy, suppress people, to serve her politics. But, as the Left failed to suppress the true nature of Bengal, so will TMC,” PM Modi said.

“Where all the TMC cadre is free to perpetrate all kinds of violence, and even the officials have to toe the wrong line, take it from me she is sure to go out of power. Bengal will not stop before affecting a change. The holy land of Bengal will not tolerate this situation for long,” he added.  

Accusing the Mamata Banerjee regime of being “cruel” to the poor, PM Modi reminded how she had retracted from the Aayushman Bharat Scheme that promises Rs5lakh help for the poor suffering from grave diseases. “The TMC government is not letting the benefits of schemes mean for the poor to reach them…What cruelty can be bigger than this. Now someone who can betray the poor for the selfish interests, can they ever do good for others? Should they be punished or no for playing with the lives of the poor,” he said.

“WB has become the first state of the country where even education is taxed. There is something called TTT or Trinamool tolabazi tax.  From college admission to appointment and transfer of teacher, TTT is applies everywhere.”

The PM also took the Congress and the Gandhi family in his cross-hairs. “Let me assure you this cowkidar of yours has initiated a clean-up mission against corruption and black money. Those who used to embezzle the money meant for farmers and the middle class, their shops have been closed. Even the biggest ‘namdaar’ family of the country is running from pillar to post in courts over fraud and evasion of taxes,” he said.

“Those who had a free run in defence deals and whose escapes to foreign lands were facilitated, they are being brought back to India and made to answer,” PM Modi added.

Taking potshots at the mahagathbandhan meet in Kolkata recently, PM Modi quipped: “This chaiwala of yours has stopped the inflow of black money and embezzlement by bigshots. You must have seen what kind of people got together in Kolkata to remove this chowkidar: someone’s son is involved in a crime, someone’s nephew, someone’s brother and someone is himself accused of crimes.  Just look at the photo, how scared they were. So they came to Kolkata, while till four years ago they all did not see eye to eye and wanted to send each other to jail. But they were seen embracing each other.”

PM Modi said Mamata Banerjee did not like him for his crusade against corruption, “from chitfund to defence deals” and thus, “those people don’t like this chowkidar”.

“From Chitfund to Sharda, all scams are leading to one door. They abuse me because I am working against corruption and black money.”

“They are so ruffled that they are stopping investigative agencies from coming to WB. Didi if you have not done anything wrong, why are you so scared,” PM Modi took potshots at the WB chief minister.

“They are so scared that they can’t even let the BJP president come to the state. They stop helicopter from land or a yatra from being organized. Didi how long will your play last.”

The name that carries Durga in its name, at such a place you have come in such large numbers.  to me your love. I was in Thakurnagar and I was overwhelmed with the sup[port of the crowd and their overenthusiasm. I saw that mothers and sisters were also present in large numbers. Twice the capacity of the ground had come there. They were discomforted. I thank those in Thakurnagar for their love. I also apologise for those who were discomforted.

Bengal has a lot of contribution in BJP’s ideology. In our fundamentals we have the same principles which were propounded by Shyama Prasad Mookerjee who was from this land. Swami Vivekananda.

The TMC government doesn’t even touch such projects where the syndicate is not present. All efforts of the Centre to bring back WB on the track of development will fail till an anti-development government is in power here. The WB government is steeped into crushing the dreams of the middle class and the poor.

Reminding of budget


This was only an interim budget. But when we present the regular budget after elections, we shall present a clear picture of a New India.

Ten years ago the Congress government had claimed to have waived the loans worth Rs 52,000 crore. And after ten years they are now agan talking of loan waivers. Now under the Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, farmers are poised to get Rs 7lakh 50k. Now compare the two for the ten years mentioned. Which is the bigger scheme? Their scheme reached only about one or two crore bigger farmers who culd take loans. Ours will rwch 12 crore farmers. Now tell me which is the bigger scheme? They come once in ten years. We are giving money every year.