Nilakkal: Kerala BJP's general secretary K Surendran was taken into custody by Kerala Police at Nilakkal, near Sabarimala. Surendran mentioned to reporters that he would visit Sabarimala and only then head back. Kerala cops led by SP Yathish Chandra held talks with Surendran, who said he has the right to have the darshan of Lord Ayyappa.

Surendran's detention comes hours after Hindu Aikya Vedi chief KP Sasikala walked out on bail. The police have tightened security around Sabarimala while keeping in mind that Sasikala too may make her way uphill. Sasikala, after walking out on bail, had said that she would visit Sabarimala if her health permits.

The cops said that Surendran's entry into Sabarimala could lead to law and order problems.

Surendran arrived at Nilakkal with three others carrying the irumudi (offering for Lord Ayyappa). Soon after his argument with the police, he was picked up and is currently in the police station.