Bengaluru: In yet another case of mob justice, three men were beaten up in Karnataka after there were caught trying to break into a bank.

Three people, who were roaming around Canara Bank, and then tried to break into it, were caught by the residents of Channarayapattna. The residents beat up the men before handing them over to the police.

The incidents of bank, ATM robberies are on the rise. Even the trend of people taking law into their hands and beating up the accused before handing them over to the police is increasing.

Three men had broken the window panes of Canara Bank in Sathenahalli, Channarayapattna, and were trying to get inside the building when the residents saw it and caught them.


The alleged thieves were tied to a pole and were thrashed. Then, the locals informed the Channarayapattna Police, who arrested the trio. The police are questioning them about their motive.

The incidents of mob violence are on the rise in the country.

Recently, a man trying to steal a car was caught by the locals in Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. The incident occurred on November 27. The man was caught, tied up and was beaten up by the people who had gathered there. He died on the spot. Six were arrested in this regard.

In another incident in May, a man was mistaken to be a child kidnapper. He was caught by people in Bengaluru. Before informing the police or even questioning him, the public tied him up and beat him to death.

Various incidents are reported where persons involved in illegal activities are caught, but instead of handing them over to the police, are beaten up by people.