In a bizarre case, Lakeview Milk Bar, a popular ice cream joint in Bengaluru, allegedly served cockroach to a customer. The most shocking reaction came from their management when they just said 'it happens' to the complainant.

Dr Shakeel Bhat, a dentist, and a few of his friends from Dubai went to the Lakeview Milk Bar ice cream parlour at 12:30 am on Friday (3 August).  "We ordered for chocolate flavoured ice cream and found a dead cockroach in it. The irony is that the authorities did not bother to apologise or replace it. They just said things like these happen and charged us for an insect-laced ice cream," said Dr Bhat.

The customer says that he did not want to file a complaint as he fears this case will drag for months and being a doctor, it may affect his duty towards his patients. He instead thought of airing his anguish in a social media platform to educate customers.

When Newsable approached the ice cream parlour for a reaction, they said, it was not cockroach instead a black entity. "I tried to convince the customer yesterday but they did not listen. It's not a cockroach. We are sorry if our customer got offended by our service," said Anjaneya Reddy, an executive at Lakeview Milk Bar.